Our Story

After successfully operating a home-based small business, Blaze Technology, for the last six years, Justin and Heather, wanted to expand into a storefront to provide services to the community. A mailbox, shipping, and small business center felt like a good fit because it is extremely needed in the Oak Ridge North area. They also wanted to get out into the community and give back through small business services, supporting local makers, and charity events.
Mail Call offers a place for local small businesses owners to be more efficient in their daily tasks. It's like a Campus Center at a college if you will. Justin and Heather give a unique spin to the mailbox and shipping industry as they offer technologies not readily found, but highly sought after (3D, laser, and large format printing).
They have designed the shop to provide work areas for customers to sit down, have a cup of coffee, finish up a project on their device and immediately get it completed using the various services at the store (i.e. copier, fax, scanner, printers, lamination, binding).